K9 Detection of oil

Request for Proposals

The Oil Spill Recovery Institute (OSRI) in Cordova, Alaska is interested in demonstrating the capabilities of dogs to detect oil buried within the beaches of Prince William Sound.  The use of dogs for detecting drugs, bombs, and other objects is well established.  Dogs have also been trained to detect oil.  The use of dogs to detect buried oil could greatly increase the ability to locate and delineate patches of oil embedded in beach sediments.  While dogs have been shown to be able to detect oil near the surface, their ability to detect oil that does not have a strong connection to the surface is questionable.  In addition to canine detection of the presence and absence of oil, OSRI is also interested in determining the capabilities of trained canines to delineate the perimeter of a patch of buried oil. Proposals for up to $65,000 will be accepted.  Proposals are due February 3, 2017.  For further details on this opportunity, please see announcement