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JVOPS Report Download

The JVOPS report is broken up into several sections. These sections are available for download in Adobe PDF format.

Sections: 1, 2 and 3 Sections: 4 and 5
Sections: 6 Sections: 7
Sections: 8, 9 and 10 Download: Binder Inserts
Appendix A:
Test Director Credentials
Appendix B:
Summary of JVOPS Personnel
Appendix C:
Workshop Planning Summary
Appendix D:
Joint Project Agreement
Appendix E:
Integrated Command Structure
Appendix F:
Test Infrastructure Data Acquisition Equipment
Appendix G:
DataSheet and GPC Analysis Reports
Appendix H:
Test Support Graphs and Tables
Appendix I:
Pump and Oil Water Seperator
Appendix J:
AWIF Production Drawings
Appendix K:
Water Lubrication Injection Pumps
Appendix L:
Manual Data Excel Sheets
Appendix M:
Appendix N:
Final Test Plan