Grant Policy Manual

This grants policy manual describes all aspects of the OSRI grant process. It is important to understand OSRI’s policy when applying for funding.

Appendices to the Grant Policy Manual:

Appendix A – OPA 90 with 2005 amendment

Appendix G – Sample Contract for OSRI Award

Appendix B – Bylaws for OSRI Advisory Board (Feb 2008)

Appendix H – Quarterly Report Form

Appendix C – Charter for OSRI Scientific and Technical Committee

Appendix I – Financial Report Form (for both quarterly and annual reports)

Appendix D – Grant Proposal Application Forms

pdf doc

Appendix J – Annual Report Form

Appendix E – Graduate Research Fellowship Program Description and Application Packet

Appendix K – Final Report Form


Appendix F – Budget Forms

Appendix L – Partnership Protocol with North Pacific Research Board