Grant Applications

Broad Area Announcements (BAAs) or Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are posted on the OSRI web site and advertised in other appropriate venues, generally for a minimum of one month.

Proposal grant applications are accepted from individuals, organizations and businesses nationally and internationally.

There is a single application form for grant applications. However the review process will be different for small (under $25,000), medium ($25,000 <100,000), and large ($100,000 or larger) grants in accordance with the Grant Policy Manual. Graduate Research Fellows should use also check Appendix E of the grant policy manual.

Decisions to fund small grant awards (under $25,000) are made by the OSRI Research Program Manager with concurrence from the Scientific and Technical Committee (STC). Medium size grant awards are peer reviewed, then the STC reviews the proposals and makes a funding recommendation.  All awards over $100,000 require peer review, STC review, and approval by the OSRI Advisory Board. The proposal review and award process is detailed in the Grant Policy Manual.

The OSRI Proposal review sheet includes the areas that the proposals are being evaluated on.