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Advisory Board

Current Board Members

(As of July 2010)

Federal Representatives
Chair: John Calder, Ph.D.
Director, Arctic Research Office, Oceanic & Atmospheric Research/NOAA
Silver Spring, Maryland

John Calder is the Director of the Arctic Research Office within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). He is responsible for planning, coordination, and implementation of research and environmental observations in the Arctic and other high northern areas, and for focusing the results of this research on NOAA and national priorities. Current research priorities include Arctic climate variability and change, Bering Sea marine ecosystems, and long-range contaminant transport. Part of his responsibilities involves coordination with many national and international groups and programs that are involved in these priority areas. He represents the U.S. in the Arctic Council’s Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program, where he is overseeing preparation of a circum-Arctic assessment of impacts of oil and gas activities.

Dr. Calder has been with NOAA for 27 years and has held several science and management positions. He has served as environmental studies coordinator for the Bering Sea region, manager of a national environmental quality monitoring program, deputy director of planning for NOAA’s research line office, and deputy director of NOAA’s Environmental Research Laboratories.

Prior to joining NOAA in 1977, Dr. Calder was Associate Professor of Oceanography at Florida State University. His research focused on marine organic geochemistry in coastal and estuarine environments.

Dr. Calder received his doctorate in 1969 at the University of Texas (Austin) in biochemistry with a sub-specialization in marine science.

Douglas Mutter
Department of Interior
Anchorage, Alaska

Doug became the Regional Environmental Assistant with the Department of the Interior's Alaska Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance in 1992. Doug's duties cover environmental impact project review, hazardous materials cleanup, coastal zone management, disaster response, and oil spill contingency planning/response. In addition, Doug serves as the Designated Federal Officer for the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Public Advisory Committee, represents the Department of the Interior on the Oil Spill Recovery Institute Advisory Board, chairs the Sensitive Areas Work Group for Federal/State oil and hazardous substance response contingency planning, and co-chairs the Alaska Forum on the Environment planning committee. Doug earned a B.S. in Forest Management in 1971 and an M.S. in Natural Resources Administration in 1973--both from Colorado State University. Until 1977, Doug worked in Denver at the non-profit Federation of Rocky Mountain States, and its successor, the Western Governor's Policy Office. He moved to Alaska in 1977 and has worked at the Alaska Department of Natural Resources and as a land information systems contractor to the Bureau of Land Management.
Greg Sanail
U.S. Coast Guard, 17th District
Juneau, Alaska

Capt. Steve HudsonGreg Sanail is the Chief of Response Division for the Seventeenth Coast Guard District in Juneau, Alaska and serves on the OSRI board as one of the Federal government representatives.   The Response division is responsible for search and rescue, maritime law enforcement, and incident/pollution response within the Seventeenth District’s area of responsibility.

State Representatives

Gary Folley
Prevention & Emergency Response Program, Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Soldotna, Alaska

Capt. Steve HudsonManager of the Prevention and Emergency Response Program for the ADEC.  Works out of the Soldotna office.  Came to Alaska in 1989 as a Coast Guard Officer during the Exxon Valdez Response.  22 years with the ADEC.  Formally State On-Scene Coordinator for Central Alaska, including for the M/V Selendang Ayu Response in the Aleutian Islands.

Samantha Carroll
Natural Resources Manager, Alaska Dept. of Natural Resources
Anchorage, Alaska

Brad Dunker
Habitat Biologist, Habitat Division, Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game

Mike Fink

Alaska Native Representatives

Glenn Ujioka
Cordova, Alaska

Edmond Paul ThompsonGlenn Ujioka is a 52 year resident of Prince William Sound and Cordova. He works as a Heavy Equipment Operator and as a Commercial Fisherman in Area E. Glenn has attended various vocational technical schools over the years. He has served on several boards and commissions such Alaska Marine Conservation Council and the Native Village of Eyak Tribal Council where he helped develop strategic and resource management plans. On the Chugachmiut Environmental Conservation Consortium he served as Chairman, and was President of International Longshore and Warehousesman's Union Local 66 in Cordova Alaska.
Angela Totemoff, Eagle River, Alaska

Angela Totemoff was born and raised in the Prince William Sound in the Native Village of Tatitlek, AK. She received her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in Computer Science. She continued on to earn her Master's Degree in Business Administration from Alaska Pacific University. In high school she participated in Youth Area Watch, a program that allowed students to team with scientists to help make valuable contributions to research and long-term monitoring projects in the oil spill affected areas the Prince William Sound.

Currently, she is a participant in the Shareholder Management Development Program with The Tatitlek Corporation. She is also a director of the Alaska Native Professional Association Board, and a member of the Chugach Alaska Corporation Shareholder Advisory Committee. She resides in Eagle River with her husband, Tomas Andersen and daughter, Charli Kate.

Fishing Industry Representatives

Seat currently vacant


Bill Lindow
Cordova, Alaska

Bill LindowBill Lindow - was born and raised in Anchorage and has live in Cordova since 1996. He attended the University of Colorado and the University of North Carolina-Charlotte (architecture). Bill and his wife Renee have two children; Drew 15, Shannon 13. Bill has been gillnetting since 1971, first with his father in Cook Inlet then on the Copper River Delta and PWS since 1978. He has also fished halibut (Area 3A) since 1997. Bill’s community service includes: Board of Directors, Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corp. 1988-1991 and 1994-2000; Board of Directors, Copper River Fisherman's Cooperative 1985-1991; President 1987-1991 Board of Directors, Copper River Salmon Producers Assn. 1998-2004; and Prince William Sound Regional Citizen's Advisory Council, Council Member, 1996-2000, Vice President 1998-1999.

Oil & Gas Industry Representatives

Andrés Morales Director SERVS.
Valdez, Alaska

Andres MoralesAndrés Morales has served as the Director of Ship Escort/Response Vessel System (SERVS) since July 2011. Andrés has been with Alyeska since 2000, and has extensive knowledge of Valdez operations, having worked as a supervisor in Oil Movements and Storage, and then as Maintenance Manager at the Valdez Marine Terminal. He gained additional management and marine operations experience from his years with Crowley Marine, where he worked around Alaska and overseas. He lives in Valdez with his wife, Ruby.

David Totemoff
Sr. BP Community Liaison to Prince William Sound
Tatitlek, Alaska

Edmond Paul Thompson

At-Large Representatives

Susan Saupe
Director of Science and Research, Cook Inlet Regional Citizens' Advisory Council
Kenai, Alaska

Susan Saupe

Joe Banta
Project Manager, Prince William Soun Regional Citizen's Advisory Council
Anchorage, Alaska

Edmond Paul ThompsonJoe Banta works as a senior project Manager for Prince William Sound Regional Citizens' Advisory Council. He has worked for PWSRCAC since 1990 and is currently project manager for PWSRCAC's Environmental Monitoring Program. He has also worked as the project manager for oil spill prevention and response planning. Joe has a background in fishing and fisheries and grew up in Cordova and Prince William Sound. He has a B.S. in biology and an M.A.T. from the University of Alaska Anchorage. He lives in Anchorage with his wife, who is a school counselor, and their three sons.

Non-voting Representatives

John Goering, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Institute of Marine Science, Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks, Alaska

John Goering Dr. John J. Goering is Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Marine Science, School of Fisheries and Ocean Science, University of Alaska Fairbanks. Discipline Biological Oceanography. He is chair of the OSRI Scientific and Technical comittee. His specialties are in the area of Marine nitrogen cycle, silicon cycle, silicon and nitrogen assimilation by phytoplankton.

He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin, M.S. at the University of Wisconsin and B.S.at Bethel College, Kansas.

Charles P. Meacham
Prince William Sound Science Center Board of Directors, Gig Harbor
Washington & Juneau, Alaska

Charles MeachamCharles P. Meacham – Chuck Meacham is the Prince William Sound Science Center (he served 9 years on the PWSSC board) designated liaison for OSRI. Chuck is president of Capital Consulting, active in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. He worked 21 years with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, retiring as Deputy Commissioner. Previously he fished commercially, worked in the seafood processing industry, and was a seafood inspector with the military. He served with the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council, Pacific Fisheries Management Council, Exxon Valdez Advisory Committee, Pacific Salmon Commission, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, National Academy of Science, and other groups. Chuck currently serves on several non-profit boards of directors and various advisory groups. After spending nearly 50 years in Alaska, he recently relocated to Gig Harbor, Washington.