How to report a spill in Alaska

Oil Spill Prevention and Response



  • RSC Expert Panel – The Behaviour and Environmental Impacts of Crude Oil Released into the Aqueous Environments 2015.  This report covers most aspects of oil spills and is a good resources for learning the fundamentals of spill science.


  • International Oil Spill Conference – International conference held in the United States every three years.
  • Clean Pacific – Examines issues and best practices related to oil spills in the eastern Pacific.
  • AMOP – Conference held in Canada regarding oil spills in the Arctic.
  • Clean Gulf – Addresses oil spill related issues in the Gulf of Mexico


  • Cedre –  Provides regular information regarding spills and training in Europe
  • International Spill Control Organization – Has a newsletter with regular reports of spill related activities around the globe.  It also carries series of articles that describe areas of spill response in detail.

Observation and Monitoring

Educational Resources

  • Understanding Black Tides – An educational tool designed to help people understand more about oil spills, their sources and impacts, and the techniques used to respond to them.
  • The Alaska Oil Spill Curriculum – A curriculum that provides “hands-on” activities for all grade levels to increase awareness of what surrounds us and to teach decision making skills to students. It concentrates on the positive steps that everyone has made and can make to help prevent future spills, and to reduce the need for oil by energy conservation and recycling.
  • Prince William’s Oily Mess: A Tale of Recovery – Learn about the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill and the recovery process in Prince William Sound.
  • Oil Spills: A Guided Tour – Access NOAA’s education tools including oil spill related topics.
  • Mearns Rock Time Series – View a photo gallery of “Mearns Rock,” a large boulder located in the intertidal zone at Snug Harbor on Knight Island, Prince William Sound, Alaska. The boulder was oiled during the Exxon Valdez spill in March, 1989.
  • Oil Spills: Prevention, Preparedness and Response – Take an online class through the University of Alaska Southeast, Sitka about oil spill prevention and response. The course is taught by Washington Sea Grant Education Specialist, Eric Olsson and focuses on the environmental and economic impacts of spilled oil.
  • ITOPF film series – An excellent series of films describing many aspects of oil spill response.

Environmental Research